Our Story

The Best Play and Learning is Together!

ToyVentive toys are designed to create moments of learning, inspiration, and connection between children and their grown-ups.

Do you remember when toys brought you hours of imagination and play? Maybe you had a parent or grandparent who spent time with you as a toddler, showing you colors, numbers, and shapes on your own toys. Helping guide you to understand the world around you.

No screens, no flashing lights, no overstimulation - just simple bonding and learning through play.

This belief in the power of play is at the heart of every ToyVentive toy. We believe that the best learning and play is together, helping children develop close relationships with their grown-ups, and an understanding of the world around them.

play together

Why I started ToyVentive

When my first child, Victoria, was born, I realized I couldn’t continue following the traditional path. I needed to focus all my energy on being the best mom I could, and that meant learning everything I could about play and early childhood development.

Around this time, a neighbor (who was also a teacher) passed along all of the wooden toys she no longer needed for her own children. I was so inspired by these timeless, classic wooden toys! No plastic or blinking lights, no screens or noises. Just bright colors, simple shapes, and natural elements that reflected the world around us.

As I learned how to use these toys as teaching tools, and realized how much of a bond was growing between myself and Victoria through our playtime, I knew I could help other children and their grown-ups experience this same joy.

Less is More

As my own learning continued, I discovered studies that demonstrated that choosing a few, key toys (rather than buying dozens of toys to keep children entertained) can further encourage imagination and creative play. Studies show reducing noise and overstimulation at young ages is critical to build focus.

For this reason, ToyVentive toys keep shapes and ideas simple, and instead focus on the interaction grown-ups (you!) have through using toys in playing with your children. This technique is central to Montessori education, and has been proven to accelerate learning in children.

In this way, both kids and grown-ups have the tools they need to create and imagine new ways to play together!

Let’s Play Together

At ToyVentive, I make it my goal to create simple, safe, and open-ended toys that encourage exploration, imagination, and learning - and to create a community for parents, grandparents, and all caretakers to share in innovative play ideas that bring them the joy of true connection with their children.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I invite you to join our community to learn, play, and grow with us. Welcome!

With love and gratitude,

Tomi, Founder of ToyVentive