Our Story

Hi, I’m Tomi and I am so glad you are here! I’m a wife to Ivan and mom to my two girls, Victoria and Veronica. When I’m not chasing my girls around the house, I am envisioning new educational toys for ToyVentive and the many different ways to learn through play so your kids can play to learn more with less!

Our Story - Our Mission - Tomi & Victoria

Our mission is to encourage creative thinking and empower kids through innovative and educational toys that awaken every child’s sense of exploration, imagination, and desire to learn.

Why ToyVentive Was Created

I’ve always considered myself to be entrepreneurial, having watched my parents run their businesses my whole life, but I found myself moving up the ladder in a full-time career working for someone else. After having my first child and staying home with the new baby, I shifted my focus from personal and career development to parenting. 

I became a classic parenting junkie! I learned everything I could about parenting—early childhood development, play techniques, etc. The lightbulb moment that nudged me to start ToyVentive was when I went to a garage sale at my neighbor’s house; she is a teacher, so I scooped up all the toys she no longer needed.

Quote: "It seemed so easy..." - Tomi & Victoria

When I got home, I noticed something very special about all of those toys: they were made out of wood, in bright colors, durable, timeless, no hideous plastic, no noises, or lights. I was instantly in love with these minimalist wooden toys with multiple ways to learn and play! What I struggled with was how to play with them. It seemed easy for my neighbor, the teacher, to find creative ways to play with them, but I was just a regular parent!

That’s when I set out to create a company where I could not only develop educational toys for kids, but could also keep them simple and timeless and provide parents with innovative play ideas!

I believe that toys are tools to create imaginative, creative, and explorative children, not the toys that entertain with sounds and lights, and play for our children. My goal is to bring you simple, safe and open ended toys that encourage exploration, imagination and learning.

Whether you have children of your own, have friends with children or you are called Uncle, Aunt, Grammie or Grampie, I want to help you bring joy to the children in your life all while helping them learn, grow and explore their creativity...without taking over the whole house!

Our Philosophy

Play = Learning

Toys = Tools that expand little minds and sparkle imagination and creative play

Children are Explorers, hungry to learn about the world 

Parents, grandparents, and other grown-ups are the BEST toys, they make creative play happen by selecting the right toys and creating an environment where play can happen.

ToyVentive's philosophy, Grandparent playing with child, activity cube at table

Less is More 

In the U.S. we’ve become accustomed to buying more and more toys to try to help kids learn and develop or just keep them entertained. But the truth is, they don’t need all that! In fact, this study published by industry journal, Infant Behavior and Development, shows that too many toys actually reduced children's play and that fewer toys helped them focus better and play more creatively. And we all know, toddlers and preschoolers sometimes end up playing with the box more than the actual toys. 

What we focus on is the interaction that grown-ups (you!) have when you play with them. This is a principle used in Montessori education, and has been proven to accelerate learning in children. But both kids and grown-ups need tools to create and imagine new ways to play with toys and each other. We call this learning to play together!

Our Tools

At ToyVentive, we do extensive research and put together toy combinations for your child’s ultimate educational benefits. From premium quality, kid-inspired learning toys to creative and advanced educational products, we provide parents with guides and ideas to evoke every child’s creativity, imagination, and sense of exploration.

Our Story - Our Tools, Every toy is paired with an activity book

To help both kids and grown-ups explore fun and different ways to play with our toys, every toy we create is paired with a book. The book features real-life photography of us playing with toys, instructions and play ideas, and questions to pique curiosity and engage the child. 

For the child, the book includes letters, shapes, colors, objects, and simple words to help them learn. 

For the grown-up, the book can be used for play ideas, to read to the child, or to visually show them how to do something.

Using the book together, not only, encourages that adult/child interaction which is beneficial to child development, but it also takes the pressure off to keep coming up with new ideas (we’re exhausted too)!

Our Community

In addition to playing with toys, there are many other related ideas and topics that need to be talked about!

I believe that families should talk to each other about how toys contribute to a child’s development. We need to have real, sincere conversations about toys and gift-giving for children and when to say “no - it’s too much.” Find out how to do so here!

ToyVentive, Our Community, mother with kids reading online

My goal is to build a community around you, to support each other when having these conversations, and to develop relationships with my customers so that we can provide the right toys and learning tools that really make a difference for you and your child.

If you also want these things, and you want to share your ideas and experiences with others, we invite you to join our community to learn how to play together, collaborate and grow with us!


With love and gratitude,

- Tomi