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Wooden Number Puzzle Your 2-3 Year Old Will Love

Wooden Number Puzzle Your 2-3 Year Old Will Love

Wooden Number Puzzles for Toddlers

As adults, we use counting every single day. Whether it be to tell time, to count how many diapers we have until we need to buy more, or even to keep track of how many episodes of our favorite show we’ve watched so far! Numbers are all around us and are one of the first concepts your child will learn and use everyday. 

When your child is learning how to count, there are a variety of ways to help them in their learning! If you didn’t notice, we have a whole section of our blog dedicated to puzzles! So, our suggestion? Wooden number puzzles! These puzzles are a great and highly effective option to help your child learn how to count as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Let’s count together! 

We’re passionate about creating the best products for you and your child, so when we recommend something to you we really mean it. If we’re offering a product, you can trust that it’s not only safe but also crafted with your child’s best interests in mind! 

If you’re in the process of teaching your child the skill of counting, our wooden number puzzle is a great tool. As a parent, teaching your child important concepts such as this can seem scary and intimidating. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “Where do I even start?”. 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. As parents ourselves, we know how important it is for your child’s toys to be beneficial for their development, entertaining, and simultaneously easy to store and clean. Sometimes it can feel like these toys simply don’t exist. 

However, our puzzles are a great solution that checks off all of these boxes! 

Bright and colorful, our number puzzle catches your toddler’s attention, drawing them in and creating a curiosity about the images they see in front of them. Going up to the number twenty, your child will engage with and begin to comprehend the sequencing of numbers! 

Made of wood, our puzzle is safe for play and will last you for years! Safety is a huge priority and our puzzles have paint that is non-toxic, water-based, lead-free, and is approved for safety by ASTM according to U.S. toy standards.

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As a plus, our number puzzle comes with two other puzzles, or, if you want, an option of six total puzzles together! These puzzles work on letters, shapes, patterns, animals, vegetables, and vehicles. 

Counting can be taught directly and indirectly. When playing with our number puzzle, you are able to directly teach your child about numbers and how they work and what they look like. You can ask them questions that make them really think about the materials in front of them. 

Indirectly, allow your child to take on numbers and counting on their own. Our puzzles are designed for your child to play with independently without direct instructions. Your child is able to visually understand numbers, an understanding that they will take with them when mentally learning math and counting. So, while it's great to play with your child, simply allowing them the freedom to play on their own is an awesome way for them to take in and begin to learn numbers! 

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If you’re interested, look no further! Our puzzles come with an efficient and minimalistic play rack, making easy cleanup possible with effortless organization! As a bonus, we include a play together activity book that will help you and your child get the most out of your play! Check out our puzzles here!

Why wood is best

At ToyVentive we love taking a Montessori approach to toys and play! Curious about this approach? Learn more about Montessori here!

If you don’t have time right now to check out our other article, here’s a brief synopsis of what Montessori is! Montessori is all about simplicity and efficiency in play! We believe your child is able to teach themselves through their environment when provided with the proper tools! 

Additionally, a major part of Montessori play is having long lasting toys made of natural resources. Wood is a great option to fit this category! All of our puzzles, including our counting board, are made of wood, applying our Montessori beliefs to real life play. 

Simply put, wood is safe for kids and will last you for years, saving you money and giving you peace of mind. Your child is not at risk of cutting or scratching themselves, and our wooden puzzle pieces are small enough to work on fine motor skills while being large enough to avoid being a choking hazard. 

Less is More 

We could go on and on about the important reasons as to why less is more in terms of toys. In fact, we wrote a whole blog post about it! Check it out here if you’re curious for more on this topic in particular! 

When learning about counting and numbers, your child is already being stimulated by the new ideas they are trying to understand! Adding a bunch of toys to the mix can often be overwhelming and take away from the important learning that is occurring.

The truth of the matter is that you don’t need ten different toys for your child to learn how to count! Rather, it’s easier for your child to focus and get more out of one beneficial toy than many others. 

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Ways to play with a number puzzle

Keep reading to find out some fun and creative ways to play with your number puzzle! 

Move the numbers around

Try placing the numbers in different combinations! Talk with your child about how the combination of different numbers can create new numbers. 

For example, place the number one in front of the number seven, creating seventeen. If your child seems to have a basic understanding of these core numbers, try placing three different numbers together, expanding their number knowledge. 

Ask number related questions

While we may only have one puzzle that emphasizes counting, try to add in counting and numbers to the other puzzles while playing with them. Prompt your child by saying such things as, “Can you count the number of animals you see?” and “Can you count your favorite vegetables?” Count with your child, helping them along as you ask them these questions.

If you don’t have our puzzle, you can still use this technique with whatever puzzle, or toy, that you have! By asking them questions, you have them work on their critical thinking and help them comprehend counting and how numbers change when you add or subtract different elements! 

Use what they know! 

If your child is familiar with colors, use this while playing with your number puzzle. Ask them to find a certain color on the puzzle and, once they do, tell them about the number that has that color on it! 

If your child is familiar with other concepts such as patterns and shapes, think of ways to use that with whatever number puzzle you end up having! 

Curious for more? 

Check out our article “8 Puzzle Activities for Toddlers” for more specific and creative ways to get the most out of your puzzle! 


Number puzzles are a great way to help your child understand numbers and counting! They are able to have a hands-on experience that promotes number recognition in a fun and easy form. Our number puzzle is made with your child’s best interest in mind, guaranteeing an efficient and enjoyable experience. Even if you don’t buy our puzzle, use our tips with what you do have to help your child learn and take on the challenge of counting! 

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Wooden Number Puzzles for Toddlers

Comment below any tips, tricks, or suggestions that you may have! Happy counting! 

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