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Wooden Activity Cube Or A Plastic One: Which One To Choose?

Wooden Activity Cube Or A Plastic One: Which One To Choose?

Is a wooden activity cube the right choice?

We have all heard the debate. Wood versus plastic. Is one really better than the other? Isn’t plastic the new “it” thing? 

Plastic toys soared into popularity in the United States during the 1930s when toy companies began to realize how much easier, faster, and more convenient the plastic was to distribute into a market filled with parents hoping to buy their children the next “great” toy. Flash forward and the market was filled with a variety of these plastic toys as this new development began. 

Furthermore, it was cheaper than the “expensive” and handmade toys the world had previously known. Ultimately, like any new fad and discovery, the downsides of this became known pretty quickly. What once were beautiful, shiny, and new toys were soon seen to be toxic to children with the inclusion of toxic paints as well as other materials that these toys were made out of. 

Therefore, as time has gone on, we have begun to turn back to the wood toy ways, specifically with ToyVentive’s line of toys, all of which are made from sturdy, safe materials for one’s kiddo. More specifically, the wooden activity cube that is the perfect toy for any child and is truly one of the best activity cubes for your toddler

What is a Wooden Activity Cube? 

Wooden activity cube is quite simple and is exactly what it sounds like it would be. It is a cube-shaped toy that features a variety of ways for children to enhance their motor skills as well as opportunities for learning and growth. Each side (ours is a 5 in 1 wooden activity cube!) of the toy features something different whether that be for a child’s sense for them to develop their intellectual development. 

In another blog, ToyVentive discusses how they created their activity cube and it goes far more into depth about what their wooden activity cube truly is and how ToyVentive’s cube is set apart from other toy cubes. Simply put, the wooden activity cube provides a child with learning and growth opportunities while also holding a child’s attention to just one toy. 

Wooden activity cube truly is a great learning tool for your child, thus why it is really one of the most important toys in your child’s toy box. This toy gives a child the opportunity to develop skills at a young age and grow into the cube as they age. Wood activity cube is truly the best option for your kiddos, no matter what age they are.

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Go Wood (You won’t go back!) 

So, you now know why a wooden activity cube is extremely beneficial for kids, but let's get into why wood activity cubes are even better! We’re going to finally settle the wood versus plastic debate. 

Wooden activity cube is better for the environment! 

Creating and using plastic is incredibly harmful to the environment. A plastic activity cube that is thrown away can sit in a landfill for YEARS, causing harm to our wonderful earth. Wooden activity cube is naturally occurring and come directly from the source and is most often sustainably made. 

Not only that, but the wood is completely recyclable and can go back into our environment, when your child outgrows their toy. 

Or, even better, it can be passed down or even donated so someone else can enjoy the fun! This is much harder to do with plastic toys as they tend to break much easier due to their lack of durability. 

In fact, plastic often has far less of a lifespan versus wooden toys. 

Most plastic toys won’t make it long enough to be passed down or donated, with a shelf life of usability of about ten years. Therefore, the environmental factors behind the benefits of wooden toys are absolutely something to consider when purchasing a new toy. They are a great option and provide a better opportunity for sustainability, especially in a far more eco-conscious world! 

Safety is always first with wooden activity cube! 

Not only are wood toys better for our environment, they’re also much safer for our kids! Many plastic toys have toxic paints or even just toxic qualities within the toy due to the plastic and PVC being used. 

Although, I wouldn’t really recommend your child taking a bite of their wood activity cube, it would not harm them in nearly the same way that plastic potentially can. 

In addition, plastic toys also tend to break much easier and tend to do so in extremely small pieces. Wood does not have the same elemental set-up, therefore, when a child bites down on a wood activity cube it is not going to break off while a plastic cube could easily do so and ultimately lead to a choking hazard, something no parent ever wants to risk when it comes to their child. 

Therefore, it is really important to consider the safety of a toy when purchasing it for a child. Wooden toys can provide parents with a peace of mind, which is far and away a great benefit when it comes to play time and a child’s learning experience. 

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Better Quality, Longer Play With Wooden Activity Cube

In the same sense, wood toys are far better quality. Which means they not only last longer, but also get you far more bang for your buck when purchasing a wooden activity cube. While kids can go through hundreds of plastic toys over the years, just a few wooden toys will sustain your child and will also last far longer than any plastic cube or toy ever could. 

By having a toy for a longer period of time children also are able to engage with it in completely new ways. They are able to become far more creative and imaginative as they become familiar with their toy, helping them to engage with their wooden activity cube in a variety of ways. 

So, although a wooden activity cube may on face value be a bit more expensive than the plastic cubes on the market, in the long run, they pay off far greater than you could even imagine! 

Wooden Activity Cube Offers Less Stimulation = Better Education and Play Experience 

Finally, wood toys are also better for a child’s development. 

Plastic toys tend to be colorful and vibrant to make up for the cheap quality and lack of structure and texture. In contrast, wooden activity cubes are still extremely fun and bright looking as well as far better for a child’s play experience. 

Wooden cubes bring forth just the right amount of stimulation for your kiddo, while plastic toys tend to over stimulate and distract children. Therefore, a child can have a far better play and learning experience with a wooden cube as they are able to focus far better on the cube. 

With less stimulation, children are able to harness in on the activity cube and focus on each of the individual sides of the cube.

Activity cubes are multiple toys in one allowing your child to use each side for a different purpose, but still holding their attention to just a single toy. Ultimately, this provides a kiddo with the best of both worlds and a better play experience. 

ToyVentive’s Wooden Activity Cube 

You now have seen the benefits of wooden toys and, more specifically, the wooden activity cube from ToyVentive. 

ToyVentive’s wooden toy is a great option for a baby, toddler, or child and is a great example of how wooden toys truly are better. The toy has a variety of play options within it, with each side having a different goal in how it can help benefit your child in their play and learning experience. 

It helps develop motor skills for your baby as well as teach them elements of language and sounds. It truly is a holistic learning and play experience. Therefore, we absolutely recommend that you check out our Wooden Activity Cube (which is also considered the best activity cube for 1-year-olds, but that’s another story!) when thinking about the next toy to add to your child's learning and growth toolbox! 

As you can see, wood toys truly are a better option for kiddos. They are far safer, more environmentally friendly and sound, better quality, and just overall provide a better play experience. In addition, a wooden activity cube is truly the best option for your toddler, whether they are 6 months or 3 years. 

Wooden toys provide children with a quality play experience that helps a child grow and learn in a variety of ways. They also help a child creatively and imaginatively -- and who doesn’t want that! Although plastic toys have risen in popularity in the last few decades, they simply aren’t better than a classic, study wooden toy. 

The benefits definitely outweigh any negatives with a wooden activity cube. Therefore, consider this the definitive answer to whether plastic or wood is better. Wood is, has been, and will continue to be the better option for the toy’s in your kiddo’s toybox.

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