activity cube for 1-year-olds

The Best Activity Cube for 1-Year-Olds

The Best Activity Cube for 1-Year-Olds

When I’m looking for a toy for my little one, I want something that checks all the boxes -- versatile, educational, long lasting, and the list goes on. It’s really hard to find something that checks all of the boxes. A friend of mine gifted my 1 year old a wooden activity cube and this is moment when I fell in love with this toy.  I wasn't satisfied with anything that was currently on the market. My obsession with this amazing toy is the reason why I embarked on a journey to create my own wooden activity cube, and start a toy company. In the process, I became an expert, and I can help you find the best activity cube for your 1 year old.

The big question: What is the best activity cube for 1 year old?

The activity cube reminds me of something that I played with as a child, which speaks to the timeless concept. Its high quality construction and array of activities really sold me on it. 

When looking for the best activity cube for your 1 year old make sure it has activities on each side, including shape sorting, gears, a clock face, abacus beads, and a detachable bead maze. The multiple activities allow for hours worth of fun and learning, and the timeless design means that it will be a staple in your playroom for years to come.

The best activity cube for 1 year old is versatile! 

I feel like I could repeat myself over and over when I say that an item that serves multiple purposes is better than a single-use item. For instance, the mason jars in my cupboards are drinking glasses, pickle jars, and measuring cups. The black dress hanging in my closet is for job interviews and for dinner dates. I am all about multiple uses!

This comes to toys, too. Finding a toy that has multiple uses and aids in learning is hard these days, and when we are bombarded with toy after toy that has buttons and noises and is less than great quality, it can get overwhelming. 

It was important for me to take the stress out of that by creating toys that are educational, well made, and have multiple uses. I love playing with the Play & Learn Wooden Activity Cube because every time you play it is a new experience (we don’t call it the best activity cube for 1 year olds for no reason!). With a different activity on each side, little ones can spend a long time with the toy, while still enjoying the novelty of a different experience. 

The best activity cube for 1 year old is educational

When we’re looking for gifts for our toddlers, it’s important to recognize what we want in a toy. It’s really important for me, personally, that the gifts I give to the children in my life are not only entertaining, but also educational. 

The Wooden Activity Cube is a great gift for your 1-year-old or other little ones who are just learning about the world. The bright colors and all the different activities on each side provide a place for exciting exploration. The Activity Cube also provides a place to learn about color, shape, and pattern recognition, fine motor skills, imaginary play, and so much more.

best activity cube for fine motor skills

Activity cube designed for 1 year olds encourage fine motor development, with its bead maze that is made especially for little hands. The gears help your little one learn about cause and effect -- when you turn one gear, the others turn too! It also helps develop and improve critical thinking and problem solving skills -- learning how to get a bead through the maze, how to get the shapes to fit in the holes, and so on.

The best activity cube for 1 year old is sustainable 

As someone who is pretty eco-conscious, I’m not a big fan of toys that are made of a bunch of cheap plastic and are built to break. Made of high-quality wood and water-based non-toxic paint, the best activity cube for 1 year old is sturdy and pretty indestructible — kid tested claim, right there. 

When buying toys, make sure they are approved for safety by ASTM according to U.S. toy standards. They need to be BPA-Free, Phthalate-free, and Certified Lead-Safe, so you can feel good about what you’re doing for your kiddo, as well as for the environment. 

When shopping for the best activity cube for 1 year old, search for high-quality materials! This way, the toys are made to stand the test of time, even with frequent use. This means that not only are they the perfect gift for your 1-year-old, the toys will be able to be used by your little one for years to come. 

The best activity cube for 1 year old can grow with your kiddo

As our kids get older, they lose interest in the things they used to really enjoy. Older kids can use the abacus on the activity cube to practice counting and patterns. The clock side can be used to practice telling time. The opportunities are endless  with a little creativity.

Having trouble coming up with ideas? The Essential Words For Babies and Toddlers book that is included (score!) with the Play & Learn Activity Cube has a couple more to get you started. 

The best activity cube for 1 year old is budget-friendly

Kids can be incredibly expensive, and for good reason. We spend money on clothes, food, diapers, daycare, and the list goes on. We also spend a lot of money on toys. In fact, the average American child receives more than $6500 worth of toys in their lifetime. Wow. 

montessori activity cube

When I think about how to spend my money, thousands of dollars worth of toys is not at the front of my mind. I want to spend my money wisely on toys that I know will stand the test of time, but I also don’t want to spend a lot of money on toys. Buy from companies that don't make you choose. I get a high-quality toy at a great price.

The best activity cube for 1 year old is adult-friendly

Playing with our kiddos is incredibly important for their growth and development, and it’s good for us, too. The Activity Cube can be used by both little ones and grown-ups in a play session. I like creating patterns to be copied with the abacus beads on the Activity Cube, but the possibilities are endless, really! Brainstorming ideas together is tons of fun and encourages problem-solving skills. 

Comes in a gift wrap

When creating our activity cube, it was important to me to take one more thing off your plate when you are getting ready for a celebration. Gift wrapping birthday gifts is always such a chore for me, because by the time I’ve located the wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, a gift box, and scissors, I’m exhausted. 

We makes it easy! The Play & Learn activity cube comes gift-wrapped in either blue or pink wrapping paper, so you’re good to go once you receive your package! 

The best activity cube for 1 year old is storage-friendly

I am not a fan of clutter in my home, and I have found that toys always seem to find their way out of the toybox and end up all over the house. As a mom who knows this struggle, our activity cube stores itself. All of the pieces can be stored inside the cube itself, and the maze can be flipped to store inside the cube too, leaving the flat side facing up.

Best wooden activity cube for 1 year old

The best activity cube for 1 year old is travel-friendly

Since it stores inside itself, it is very easy to bring on the road. Packing for travel with kiddos is stressful as it is, and having to think about what toys to bring on vacation or to grandma’s house is just added stress. Since the best activity cube for 1 year old has many different activities in one, it is the perfect one-stop-shop when it comes to travel.

All in all, now you know how to select the best activity cube for your 1 year old. It is a wonderful addition to any playroom and I highly recommend it as a toy that checks all the boxes.

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