the best activity cube for babies

The Best Activity Cube for Babies

The Best Activity Cube for Babies

When looking at baby toys, an activity cube is a great choice. It's easy to clean up, and also stimulates baby brain in a variety of ways. Years ago, my friend recommended wooden activity cube for my little one. At first, I was skeptical as it seemed too simplistic. I discovered that it encourages learning key skills such as counting, color recognition, and even spatial reasoning. I searched for the best activity cube for babies for a long time and these are the lessons I've learnt. 

Activity cube for babies offer variety of activities

When picking your activity cube, make sure to select a wooden one.  If you’ve read some of our other blogs, you know how much I love wooden toys! They’re safe, long-lasting, and great for your child’s play and development! 

Find one that offers at least 5 activities. Typically, they are labeled as a “5 in 1 activity center”, as each side of the cube has a new activity for your baby. Because of the variety of activities, your baby will enjoy hours and hours of play! Here are some examples of just how to play with activity cube for babies! 

  • Use your sliding beads to work on counting and naming colors! Also, work on making comparisons! For example, say, “Are there more orange beads on one side than the other?”
  • Discuss clocks! Most activity cube for babies have a fun clock for your child to play with! They can work on their fine motor skills by starting and stopping the hands of the clock while learning how to tell time, including the basics of numbers! 
  • Work with the gears! Most activity cubes for babies incorporate an activity where kids start to think about how things work together. Gears that spin with one another is a great example of this concept! Play with the gears, showing your baby how to move them, and watch as they discover the fun of play! 
  • Like the gears activity, activity cubes for babies will always have a side focused on shapes and sorting! Your child will begin to understand shapes and how certain shapes do not fit together. With our activity cube, the blocks are a fun toy for kids on their own, but by putting them through their designated spot, your child will have a new challenge where they must problem solve to understand what shapes go where! 
  • One of the most popular features of an activity cube is the top! Usually, the best activity cubes for babies have bead mazes where you move beads across designated curled pathways! This is often a baby favorite! It’s a great hands on activity that incorporates noise, motion, and following a path! 

Best wooden activity cube for babies

The Activity cube is a powerful learning resource for babies

The activity cube promotes counting and math skills, while also developing color, pattern and shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving abilities.

Despite an activity cube for babies being one toy overall, the options available for play make it several toys in one! 

When playing with your baby and an activity cube, your baby will be working on a different skill depending on the activity they choose. No matter what, your child will be making developmental gains by playing with an activity cube! 

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Activity cube for babies works for multiple kids

One of the many perks of an activity cube is that more than one baby is able to play with it at a time. The various sides allow for simultaneous play while keeping the focus on the activity and not necessarily on both children doing the same exact thing

However, if your babies choose to play with the same side, together they learn! Have a blast while also working on important skills of teamwork and sharing! 

Safe and Easy to Store 

As parents, we focus more on what our child needs than what we do; however, if a toy is quick and easy to pick up and store, that’s a bonus we won't refuse. 

The best activity cubes for babies have high quality wood, bright colors, non-toxic paint, and smooth surfaces! It’s always important to keep in mind the long lasting nature of a toy! Save money and prioritize longevity over a current toy trend. The skills your child develops through an activity cube are skills babies will forever need to work on whether it's now or in future generations! By buying an activity cube now, you are investing in a toy that will last for years! 

I've always believed that less is more. When it comes to having kids, you find yourself getting more and more stuff. Stuff that takes up room, room that you don’t always have! Don’t be overwhelmed by buying multiple toys when all you need is one! Save yourself stress and time by buying and using an activity cube for your baby!

Best for One Year Olds 

When looking at who would benefit most from an activity cube, one year olds are the primary audience. At one, your child is just beginning to grasp the world around them, needing to work on and strengthen essentially every skill. Therefore, the activity cube for babies is a great option when your child is essentially exploring their own sense of self, how to play, and taking in skills such as color and shape recognition! 

Wooden activity cubes can be used earlier and later than one year as well! When it comes to your child’s development, every child is different despite the idea that kids must follow a certain timeline. If your child struggles with counting and is older than a year, you can still utilize an activity cube as a resource to help your child! Similarly, if your child seems to be ahead of “schedule” use your activity cube in different ways, emphasizing innovation and promoting creativity.

Great for Gift Giving! 

As you’ve read, there are a variety of benefits that come from playing with an activity cube. If you yourself buy one, you’ll be quick to see the different ways a child can play with this singular toy. Knowing how good an activity cube is for one’s child, keep this in mind as a gift for other friends and family, and if they have questions, send them to our blog to read all about the benefits of play! 

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Great for learning and development

I know how hard you work to provide the best opportunities for your child, especially when working on key developmental skills! Consider the activity cube to be an easy solution in your quest to have the best toy for your child. Your child will find themselves occupied for hours, allowing you some peace and quiet or an opportunity for you to bond and play with your baby! 

Without a doubt, an activity cube for babies is often one of the top toy choices for young children! It is multi-dimensional with a nearly endless amount of play choices. Not only will your child enjoy themselves, but the best activity cubes for babies will also emphasize learning and strengthening life long skills that will benefit your child for the rest of their life! 

wooden activity cube for babies


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